Earn extra income from the Point site when buying Japanese goods online!!!

Hello, Momiji’s Family readers. Today, Momiji would like to share another topic that sounds “smelly of advertising” hihi. But if you are a person who often buys Japanese goods online at shopping sites such as Amazon, Yahoo, Rakuten, Adidas, GU, Muji… then this article will definitely be extremely helpful for you! Momiji will share how to generate income from buying Japanese goods online in this article.

In Japan, everyone probably uses a lot of services such as: opening a bank account, installing a network, buying online, making credit cards, booking airline tickets… Perhaps many of you will be like Momiji like this way:  search for the website to order the service directly, or go to the store directly to register to use the service. However, recently, while on maternity leave and learning about other types of income at home, Momiji found out about Japan’s Point site service ( in Japanese is ポイントサイト). Readers who can search for the keyword “ポイントサイト” will see that there are many Point sites in Japan, the most famous ones being Hapitas, Moppi, EC Navi,… (Currently, I’m the member of Hapitas and Moppi).

So what is Point site service? How is the mechanism to generate income from the Point site? I would like to share details in this post.

1. How to earn extra income from a Point site?

1.1 What is a Point site?

Point site can be understood as a website to accumulate points when shopping or using services. When you shop online directly from the brand’s homepage, you’ll receive a small number of points back (usually 1%) and these points can be used for future purchases. However, if you purchase goods or use services through the Point site, in addition to the points you receive from the brand, you will be awarded additional points from the Point site. This point you can convert into cash, Amazon Gift card or electronic wallets (電子マネーDenshi Money) such as ID, Rakuten Edy… so this is an indirect way to generate income in Japan

For example:

  • You don’t earn points if you buy goods through GU’s website, but if you buy through Hapitas at below Link:  https://hapitas.jp/register?i=22119581&route=pcText, you get 0.6% point of purchase value. (That is, buy 1,000 yen and get 6 yen bonus).
  • Buy online at Rakuten, normally you get 1% point back. If you buy Rakuten through Hapitas, you get 1% more points, so the total point you get is 2%.
  • You make a Rakuten Card-楽天カード credit card through Rakuten, get a 5,000 point discount. But if you register through the Point site, you will be rewarded with an additional 1,500 points (total you get 6,500 points equivalent to 6,500 yen).

1.2. Mechanism of reward points when buying goods through the Point site

Perhaps many of you will be doubtful, because why just buy through the Point site to receive bonus points? The reason is that Point site is a form of affiliate marketing with brands. Brands will post ads and services on the Point site’s website, when you buy goods through the Point site, the brand and manufacturer will pay a commission to the Point site. Point site deducts a part of that commission and refunds it to the end consumer (User) in the form of bonus points.

Therefore, instead of directly buying goods and services from the official website, buying through the Point site you will receive more benefits. 

1.3. How to redeem points at the Point site?

Most site points allow you to exchange reward points for cash into your bank account, Amazon gift card, e-wallet like ID, Edy… or loyalty cards like Nanaco, T point, D point…

1.4. How to earn extra income with a Point site?

  • Get bonus points through shopping, and using services: As mentioned above, when shopping and using services through Point site you get bonus points that if you buy in the normal way you can’t get. This bonus point you can exchange for cash, or a purchase card to use. Hence this is an indirect way of generating income from daily consumption!
  • Get bonus points from Point site by simply clicking on advertising banners (usually 1 click=1 point) or playing games (getting 5~100 points depending on the game), answering survey questions, being a user try the service (also known as モニター-Monitoring), write a service review or simply get coupons at the point site.
  • Get bonus points when referring friends to join: When referring friends, the referrer and the referred person both receive bonus points. At  Hapitas , you also get 10%~40% of the bonus points your friend earns. For example, if your friend earns 1000 points, you will get 10 ~ 40 points back. Of course, it does not affect the number of points that your friend earns.
  • Get bonus points for pasting banners, or advertising links on personal blogs, social networks…

However, Momiji wants to remind readers that this extra income is only a few man yen a month. Not the type of earning a few tens of man a month. Its advantage is that it’s easy to do, anyone can do it, and you’re not limited by your status of stay like traditional partime jobs! However, it also takes a bit of time, so I think housewives or shopping online like me are suitable.

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1.5. Conditions for registering to use Point site

To register as a member of Point-site is very simple, you need to have:

  • Email address: Momiji recommends that readers create a new email address. You can use Gmail and yahoo mail. The reason is that these Point sites often send promotional emails, so they will make your inbox cluttered.
  • Phone number: Required when logging in or redeeming points. Each time, the web will send a confirmation code to your phone number. Therefore, you need to register the correct phone number to avoid the hassle of exchanging points for cash or other payment cards…
  • Bank account: If you want to exchange points for cash, you need to register a bank account number. If you only need to exchange points for an amazon gift, JAL/ANA mile, or other loyalty cards, it is not necessary.
  • Credit card: You need a credit card when paying for purchases. If you use postpaid service, or pay on pickup (代引き- Daibiki) will not receive points.

It can be said that member registration to Point-sites is very easy, it only takes 1-2 minutes to complete. However, you need to remember the password and user carefully, to avoid losing it, which can make it difficult to redeem points. In addition, personal information also needs to be registered correctly.

1.6. Note when using services via Point-site

  • Because Point-site has a remuneration system when referring friends to join, the registration procedure is quite simple, so many people create multiple email accounts at the same time to register. This is against the rules and will result in your membership being revoked and points earned. Therefore, readers should be careful not to violate the rules. Point sites all have rules to participate, any behavior is prohibited. Readers should read the rules before joining the membership.
  • The personal information registered on the Point site must be true and accurate. Otherwise, you will have a hard time redeeming your points.
  • Points earned on Point-site are of two types: The number of approved waiting points (called 判定中ポイント-Hanteichuu Point or 承認待ポイント-Shouninmachi Point) you will receive immediately after registering for the service. However, this is not the amount you will receive. Points = The amount you can redeem is called 通帳ポイント-Tsuchou Points. Normally, after 1-3 months of using the service, the number of waiting points approved 判定中ポイント will be confirmed to be transferred to 通帳ポイント-Tsuchou Point. The reason for taking 1-3 months is to avoid the case where consumers buy goods and then cancel the service, or return the goods… So this is not how you want to make money immediately. After 1~3 months, you will actually have points to redeem in your account.
  • On the point site, there are many services you can get from a few thousand points to more than 10,000 points. However, it is usually services related to making credit cards, buying insurance, opening a bank account, opening a virtual money account, FX… Those services after registration you have to answer the phone to confirm personal information, or may receive promotional phone calls from many brands. Therefore, if you do not really intend to use the service, you should avoid participating in those programs.
  • Each type of service has its regulations on cases where bonus points cannot be received. You should carefully review the section ポイント却下条件 to avoid losing unjust points. For example, buying Adidas through Hapitas, you will not receive bonus points if you buy more than 10 products at a time or golf-related sports products.
  1. Introducing some reliable Point sites in Japan

There are so many Point sites operating in Japan right now, so many that it’s hard to choose which one to use. Since this is an Internet business, I always put security first. I would like to introduce to readers some famous and reliable Point-sites in Japan. Many members are participating and operated by reputable companies.

2.1. Hapitas and Moppi

These are 2 point sites that Momiji is registering as a member. The reason I like these two sites is that I can earn points when I shop at most shopping sites in Japan. These are the only two sites that are affiliated with Amazon, where shoppers get bonus points for Amazon purchases here. However, at Hapitas, there is only occasionally a reward program when there is a campaign opportunity. And Moppi has a regular affiliate program. You get 0.5% (up to 2% when on sale) points for Amazon purchases through Moppi. But I still like Hapitas in that the number of services is very high, the interface is easy to use and there is no need to sign up for regular promotional emails.

Visit Hapitas here:ハピタス

Visit Moppi here: ッピー


Category Moppi Hapitas
Operating company 株式会社セレス 株式会社オズビジョン
Number of members 3,000,000 7,000,000
Points redemption limit 300P ~ 30,000P/month.

However, if you top up the included Prepaid card, the maximum is 300,000P/month

300Pt~/one time.

Points can only be redeemed once a day

Amazon 1% but only during promotions 0.5%

2% when there is a promotion

Yahoo shopping 1% 1%
Rakuten Shopping 1% 1%
GU 0.6% 0.5%
Akachan honpo+ Itoyo Card 2.4% 1.2%
DHC 1.8% 1.8%
Forever 21 3.6% 4%
Adidas 1.5% 0.5%

2.2. EC Navi

This is the oldest and largest-scale Point-site in Japan. However, its disadvantage is that the percentage of bonus points of some online shopping channels such as Rakuten, Yahoo… is lower than Hapitas vs Moppi. However, the page updates a lot of promotions and has an attractive referral mode. That is when referring friends, both will get 1,500 bonus points and you can get up to 100% of the bonus points your friend earns.

Visit EC Navi’s homepage here:【ECナビ】

2.3. Warau

This is a point site for gaming enthusiasts (Play games and get bonus points) that has been operating for 17 years in Japan. Of course, you also get bonus points for shopping through Warau but the downside is that the site is not affiliated with Amazon. The games on this site are pretty easy to play and cute

Visit Warau’s homepage here:ワラウ

2.4. Chobi Rich

This is also the oldest Point site, operating for over 12 years in Japan and currently has about 3,300,000 members. This site also has a lot of free-to-play games with bonuses, and many programs that click on ads to get bonus points… However, I don’t like this site very much because the interface is not beautiful, and a bit difficult to use in my opinion. This site also has a member referral mode and you can get 40% of the points your friend earns.

Visit Chobi Rich’s homepage here:ちょびリッチ

  1. Summary

Thank you readers for following Momiji’s article here. For those of you who do not know about affiliate marketing, you may find it difficult to understand the operation mechanism of Point-site in Japan. However, according to my research, this is a form of making “going to the market” money very good. There are also a few Japanese bloggers boasting that they make a few dozen to a hundred men a month with point-site, but I think it takes a lot of time and effort to do that. Hihi, making money is not easy, right?

Visit Hapitas here:ハピタス

Visit Moppi here: モッピー

Visit EC Navi’s homepage here:ECナビ】

Visit Warau’s homepage here:ワラウ

Visit Chobi Rich’s homepage here:ちょびリッチ



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