Instructions for registering and buying Japanese goods online via Point-site

Hello everyone, in the article “Earn extra income from the Point site when buying Japanese goods online!!!” Surely you already understand what a Point site is, why do you get more benefits when buying and using services through a Point site? To continue the series of articles on the same topic, I would like to share in this article, how to register and use the service at the Point site. I would like to give an example with the site that I am currently using, Hapitas 

1.Conditions for registering to use a Point site

To register as a member of Point-site is very simple, you need to have:

  • Email address: Momiji recommends that readers create a new email address. You can use Gmail and Yahoo mail. The reason is that these Point sites often send promotional emails, so they will make your inbox cluttered.
  • Phone number: Required when logging in or redeeming points. Each time, the web will send a confirmation code to your phone number. Therefore, you need to register the correct phone number to avoid the hassle of exchanging points for cash or other payment cards…
  • Bank account: If you want to exchange points for cash, you need to register a bank account number. If you only need to exchange points for an amazon gift, JAL/ANA mile, or other loyalty cards, it is not necessary.
  • Credit card: You need a credit card when paying for purchases. If you use postpaid service, or pay on pickup (代引き- Daibiki) will not receive points.

In addition, Point-sites may limit the age of members. For example, Hapitas requires members to be over 12 years old.

2.How to register for membership and use services at Hapitas

2.1 Instructions to register as a member of Hapitas

  • Step 1: Access Hapitas here: press the 新規会員登録(無料) button and follow the instructions as shown below.

Step 1: Register member information

  • Step 2: Enter personal information

Step 2: Enter personal information


  • Step 3: Confirm registration information

Step 3: Confirm registration information


  • Step 4: Hapitas will send a confirmation email to your registered mailbox and send a text message with a four-digit verification code to your phone number. You go to your inbox to check email from Hapitas, and click on the URL to complete the final registration step.

Step 4: Confirm registration by clicking on the URL link

  • Step 5: Enter the 4-digit confirmation code from the text message sent to the phone, complete the registration.

Step 5: Enter the 4-digit confirmation code

So you have completed the registration steps of Hapitas already, very simple, right?

2.2 Instructions for using the service via Hapitas

From the Hapitas membership page, you choose the type of service you want to use. For example, I want to buy GU products through Hapitas. I will search for GU shop on the search bar (検索)

Enter the name of the service you want to use in the search bar


Then click on the banner of GU, the screen will appear like this:

             How to buy through Hapitas

You just need to click on the yellow button ポイントを貯める, the screen will go to the homepage of the GU you want to buy, and you just need to make a purchase as usual. Readers note that you have to buy at the site after clicking through Hapitas to get bonus points, but if you just click the ポイントを貯める button and use the Uniqlo+GU purchase app, the points will not be counted.

Above are Momiji’s detailed instructions on how to register for membership and use the service via the Point site. Very simple, right? However, readers should note that the information registered on the Point site must be the correct information, and at the same time, remember the password to avoid trouble when redeeming points. Good luck readers.

Visit Hapitas here: ハピタス

Visit Moppi here: モッピー


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